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If you want to feel empowered, stylish and always attractive, manicure or nail painting is an obligatory step for your hands to enhance your beauty, and what better than with gel nail polish. Discover in our online store dozens of shades of the best brands on the market!

Gel Nail Polish Brands

OPI Gel Polish

orly gel nail polish

Orly Gel Polish

gel nail polish shellac

Shellac Gel Polish

blue sky gel nail polish

Bluesky Gel Polish

gelish gel nail polish

Gelish Gel Polish

essie gel nail polish

Essie Gel Polish

In GelNailPolish.Net we have only the best brands of gel nail polish, always offering superior quality products at the best market price.

Online Gel Nail Polish Sale

Gel Nail Polish Kit

What is Gel Nail Polish?

Gel nail polish is a mix of acrylic monomers and oligomers that bond together and is applied to the nail and hardens with ultraviolet rays. This process is called “curing,” It has the same texture as a regular nail polish: it is liquid and has even more shine than the traditional one. It remains flawless, without tarnishing or flaking, up to a maximum of 18 days.

Is Gel Polish bad for your nails?

The American Academy of Dermatology has warned that the use of gel nail polish can cause nail thinning, As a result, they could lose their shine and break more easily. For this reason, it is recommended to use it only occasionally and not every two weeks, those who have fragile or damaged nails should not use this type of gel polish.

Is gel better than acrylic?

Gel nails are not as resistant as acrylics, their duration is somewhat shorter. As in acrylics, every 3-4 weeks (depending on the growth of your nail) you have to touch them up. One of the advantages of gel nails is that they tend to be more natural than acrylics and shinier.

Best part? Gel nails do not turn yellow, last about 3 weeks and the damage to the natural nail is low.

How much is a gel nail polish?

Gel Nail Polish Online Sale 2019

Many of us often ask ourselves: which are the best gel nail polish glazes? To answer this question we have prepared a list of the best gel nail polishes of 2019, to know more about each of them you just have to click on the corresponding image.

Advantages of the Gel Nail Polish

Buying a semi-permanent nail polish or permanent nail polish will give you many advantages and benefits compared to other types of enamels, the main ones are:

  • Last Longer: The gel nail polish lasts at least two weeks, more than twice the time than traditional nail polish.
  • Perfect Shine: During these two weeks or more, your semi-permanent nail polish will continue to shine just like the first day.
  • They won’t peel: You won’t have to worry about whether or not they break, these glazes won’t break or peel, they will maintain their shape for many days.
  • More Resistant: You can do anything with your hands, wash, iron, play, cook, your permanent enamel will remain intact thanks to its great resistance and adhesion to your nails.

If you are one of those people who want to wear beautiful nails at all times without having to do the manicure over and over again but are the most durable perfect, gel nail polishes are for you and in our online store, you will find all your favorite shades.

gel nail polsih

Buy Cheap Gel Nail Polish

This is one of the points that you are probably also wondering about, and of course, these products are really sensational, but how much do they cost? What is the price of permanent enamels? How can I buy cheap gel nail polish?

The reality is that the price will depend a lot on the brand of permanent enamel you choose, but regardless of the brand, you choose you can take advantage of our offers to buy cheap gel nail polish at low prices.

Take advantage of our discounts to buy your gel polish online with the best value for money than any other online store can offer.

In our catalog of offers, you will find from gel polish or professional semi-permanent enamels with prices that do not exceed 4 or 6 dollars.

You can wear beautiful nails at quite cheap prices.
You can wear beautiful nails at quite cheap prices.

Spending less than $10 dollars to give you a whim is not bad at all!

On the other hand, if you want to save a little more, our recommendation is to opt for the famous gel nails kit, as it could be cheaper to buy them per package.

Best Gel Nail Polishes on Sale

All right, now that you know what gel nail polishes are, how they work, how they are elaborated and above all what is their great differentiator against traditional nail polishes, we are sure that you already want to buy cheap semi-permanent nail polishes and good to look your beautiful nails for longer than traditional.

Where to buy cheap Gel Nail Polish?

Although it is true before it was more complicated to get a kit of gel nail polish because those who manufactured them sold it exclusively to the beauty salons official representatives of their line, with the increase in popularity these products can be found in several specialized online stores such as ours.

If you want to buy affordable gel nail polish, or nail polish safely, quickly and with delivery to the door of your home, take advantage of our Amazon catalog of offers and discounts where you will see several models at second-hand prices:

Buy affordable and high-quality gel nail polish is now possible!

You can click on the image below and go directly to Amazon to see our list of affordable gel nail polish we offer. We guarantee that your purchase is 100% safe.

On the other hand, if you want to be a little more specific and prefer to go for a certain gel polish, you can choose one of the ones we recommend in our online store above.

The truth is that the increase in popularity of this type of gel polish has made many lines take their own products with this compound, so to talk about which are the best, we can not focus on a particular product itself, but on the manufacturers who create them. So, in the end, the real question to ask yourself is: which are the best brands of gel nail polish or regular polish.

Gel Colors

You’re probably thinking: everything is fine with semi-permanent nail polish, but what about colors? Do I have a wide range to choose from? Can I only buy a few colors?

Gel nail polish colors
You have more than 80 permanent nail polish colors to match all your outfits.

If you are in that doubt, do not worry since we have good news and is that today there has been a considerable increase in the variety of colors that offer you the best permanent enamel lines.

This is because these lines are already selling the glazes directly to the general public and not just to their selected salons.

This makes the demand for colors increase a lot, as each woman wants to look attractive and beautiful with her favorite colors, therefore the manufacturers were faced with the need to increase the variety of possible permanent enamel colors to successfully respond to this great reception.

On the other hand, while it is true that even the colors of permanent enamels are below the traditional, it is estimated that over time this statistic will be matched, and will undoubtedly be.

Gel nail Polish

So if you thought that the use of the permanent nail polish would mean not having many options when it comes to colors, you know that there are a variety of colors and if that was not enough, if you need a color that best matches your outfit, you can simply apply over your permanent nail polish a layer of the traditional and ready!

Polish Reviews

The opinions and comments about these gel nail polishes are the same: if you want to wear beautiful nails for several weeks these enamels are what you need. Hundreds of women who buy their gel nail polish in online stores such as Amazon among others, confirm this.

How to Remove Gel Polish?

File them until they are as thin as possible, without touching your natural nail. Dip them in acetone for at least 15 minutes, peel off the gel.

While you can take them off at home, we suggested doing it at the beauty salon with an expert. You will not damage your nails and it will take less time.